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March 26, 2018
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Top eight reasons to explore science and tech outside the classroom

Students already take science at school, so why should they spend their off-hours in a lab?

A few reasons to take the plunge into after-school science, engineering and technology programs like IDEA Lab Kids…

  • 3D printers, circuit boards, motors, drones and robots – need we say more? Our labs are chock-full of high-tech parts waiting to be transformed into a child’s robot, heart-rate monitor or motion sensor. We have equipment many schools dream of.
  • There’s so little time in the school day for science, especially open-ended learning. Our programs give students time to explore their own idea and come up with their own answers.
  • High-tech learning shows kids the real-world applications of math and science. This is why you study equations at school. Plus, technology projects show students how the world works. Learning how a toy robot uses Bluetooth technology, for example, can lead to discussion about how cell phones and cars use the tech.
  • Conducting experiments (like in our Hocus Pocus Wizard Lab) teaches kids about cause and effect and how small changes influence results. Students learn critical-thinking skills as they deduce why they saw a certain reaction or how they can improve their results next time.
  • Outside the classroom, students have more time for lengthy projects. They can conduct a weeklong experiment or spend hours fine-tuning a project. Plus, the trial and error of long-term science and technology projects teach persistence. When a student’s drone doesn’t fly right away, she learns how to look for errors in programming and fix them.
  • Tech experts share their tips in subjects from coding to circuit boards. Students can ask questions and discover different approaches to learning.
  • Group projects from assembling a drone to baking a cake help students develop character qualities from teamwork to persistence. Kids discover how to work together to complete a project and how to succeed even if the first try isn’t perfect.
  •  It’s fun – students love showing off their work and making friends in the process!

Convinced? Check out one of our options to fit your child’s interests and schedule.

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After-school program: Continue the fun all semester with our after-school program that combines science, technology, engineering, math and art all in one place! Cooking, playing chess, building robots and exploring art are just a few ways to relax and explore after school. Check it out at

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